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General Information & Infrastructure

Q: Describe The Transition From Current Training (PowerPoint, MocKingbird®, Acrobat) Methods To The™.
A: There are little or no transition efforts to move from other training systems. The only work required is to enter a new™ test to record learner records. PowerPoint presentations can be run directly from the server with IE 4.0 or later.™ tests can be imported into the system with little user intervention. Acrobat files can be displayed directly, although the client stations would need the appropriate Acrobat viewer or plug-in.
Q: What Resources Are Required To Start Up The System?
A: Access to the Database Administrator, server system, and about two days of time are required for startup. Sites with little or no data migration can be running in a single day.
Q: Is An Implementation Project Available? If So, Please Describe.
A: Yes. OSI/Warren-Forthought offers installation and startup as part of our standard package. Data migration and additional training and CBT authoring is available.
Q: What Resources Are Required For The Care And Feeding Of The System?
A: The system requires very little effort to keep running. Additional course content can be entered by your authors. We anticipate that your system would require one man-day per month for maintaining the user information.

Record Keeping & Reporting

Q: Can ‘External’ Training Records Be Entered In The System? How?
A: Instructor-led training (ILT) can be assigned, scheduled, and tracked within™ through administrative entry of jobs, tracks, and curricula or by direct entry of external events. Furthermore, testing can be applied to any training event to confirm participants’ understanding.
Q: Can Records Be Imported From Other Databases?
A: Yes. Since™ uses an SQL database, relevant fields from your legacy training systems can be imported into the™ database.
Q: Are Test Records Automatically Graded And Stored?
A: Yes. All tests are automatically graded and stored in the central database.
Q: How Many Reports Can A Learner Run? Please Describe.
A: From the main menu, a learner sees his or her own ‘To Do List’. This list gives one click access to all training events required in the next 90 days. From the training menu, a learner can run reports for his or her own training. Reports include: My Training History, Training I Need, Jobs I’m Qualified For, Training I Need to Qualify for a Job, My Curriculum, and List of Training Available.
Q: How Many Reports Can A Supervisor Run? Please Describe.
A: Supervisors can run reports for learners that belong to the supervisor’s group. Reports include: Training History for a Learner, Training Needed for a Learner, Jobs a Learner is Qualified For, Training a Learner Needs to Qualify for a Job, and Learner Curriculum. In addition, we can add custom reports and plug them into the system for you.
Q: How Can A Supervisor Or Worker Find Out If Someone Is Qualified For A Job?
A: A single click on the report Who is Qualified for a Job lets the supervisor pick a job title and generates a list of persons qualified for that job.
Q: Can Learners Self-Manage Training? How?
A: Learners have an automatic ‘To Do List’ that shows all training due within the next 90 days. A single click takes the learner to the training module or test.

System Interfaces

Q: Is The System Compliant With E-mail?
A: Yes. Each learner has an E-mail address entered in the registration table that will send notices to a MAPI-compliant mail system.
Q: What Database Is Supported?
A:™ is powered by Exxtend® running with Microsoft SQL Server. MocKingbird® OnLine™ also supports Oracle™ and Microsoft Access™ databases.
Q: What Additional Hardware And/Or Software Is Used To Support The System?
A:™ currently runs on a Windows NT running Internet Information Server 6.0. See the Minimum Client Requirements below.
Q: Is The System Accessed From A Web Interface Or Is There A Client Component Required?
A:™ uses a 100% web interface. There are no client components required.

Software Functions


Organizational Builder

Q: Is It Possible To Define The Organizational Structure?
A: Your company’s organizational structure is defined and viewable within the system. A user can see the entire tree for the organization.
Q: Can Organizational Labels (e.g., Department vs. Unit vs. Block) Be Customized?
A: All labels or organizational identities can be customized (i.e., Site vs. Division, Unit vs. Block)
Q: Does The Defined Organizational Structure Automatically Assign Rights And Security Levels?
A: Yes. By assigning a person as an administrator at the Unit level, he will see records only for those persons under his level.
Q: Can The Organizational Structure Support More Than One Plant Site, Division, Or Company?
A: Yes.™ is designed to support multi-site, multi-division, multi-company installations and organizational structures.

Software Functions


Curriculum Builder

Q: Can A Curriculum Be Defined And Assigned To A Learner?
A: Yes. Any curriculum can be designed that incorporates courses, tracks, and jobs.
Q: Can The Curriculum Consist Of Individual Courses And/Or Groups Of Courses?
A: Yes. The curriculum can consist of any combination of courses, groups of courses (tracks), or groups of courses and tracks (jobs).
Q: Can A Curriculum Be Assigned To More Than One Person Or Group?
A: Yes. With™, any defined curriculum can be ‘cloned’ to other learners.
Q: Does The Course Assignment Have A Grace Period Between Assignment And Deficiency?
A: Yes. When a curriculum is defined, there is a period of time that can be defined (default is 30 days) in which the training must be completed. Deficiency reports run before the ‘grace’ period has expired will not show learners deficient in those uncompleted, but not due assignments.
Q: Are Refresher Dates Automatically Assigned?
A: Yes. Each course has an automatically generated refresher period.
Q: Are The Refresher Assignments Communicated To The Learner? How?
A: Yes.™ uses a ‘To Do List’ that is the default page each learner sees when logging into the system.
Q: Can Job Titles Have Different Training Requirements From Site To Site?
A: Yes.™ uses the actual company hierarchy to determine training requirements. The same job titles at different places in the organization can have different training curricula.
Q: If The Requirements For Certification Change, Are All Assigned Learners Automatically Assigned The New Training?
A: Yes. By changing the defined requirements for a Track or a Job, each learner curriculum assigned that specific Track or Job reflects the changed requirements.

Software Functions


Test Builder

Q: Does The System Support Essay Questions?
A: No. Essay type questions must be graded manually.
Q: Can Test Questions Be ‘Pooled’ For Re-Use In Other Modules?
A: Yes. Test questions are available for inclusion in any other test.
Q: Can Each Question In A Test Be Assigned Different Point Values?
A: Yes.™ allows the author to determine the value of each question, as well as the overall value and passing score for the entire test.
Q: Can The Test Be Assigned A Separate Point Value From The Aggregate Question Totals?
A: Yes.™ allows the author to determine the overall value of the test, regardless of the aggregate point value of the question set.
Q: Can The Questions Include Graphical Elements?
A: Yes.™ supports a graphical selection question type. This question type includes a tool that the author uses to trace an outline on a selected graphic. This area becomes the target area.
Q: Can Remediation For Correct Or Incorrect Answers Branch To Additional Training?
A: Yes™ supports branching based on learner response.
Q: Can Someone Other Than A System Administrator Add Or Modify Tests?
A: Yes. There are rights assignments made to the various Administrator functions in™. It is possible to allow a supervisor the right to make tests, for instance, but restrict the same person from accessing other Administrator functions.

Software Functions


Course Management

Q: Can Other Vendors’ Training Content Be Managed By The System? (WLN, Videotape, Workbooks)
A: Yes.™ can assign, deliver, and manage other forms of training. For simplicity in record keeping, we recommend that all final exams be delivered via™.
Q: Does The System Store Re-Usable Course Descriptions, Objectives, And Prerequisites?
A: Yes. Administrators have menus and pull-down lists for creating, managing and assigning these.
Q: Can The ‘Cost’ Of Each Training Event Be Tracked?
A: Yes. There is field included to track the assigned ‘cost’ of each training event.
Q: Does The System Support A Text-Based Search For Catalog Entries?
A: Yes.
Q: Does The System Maintain A Detailed List Of Instructor Information?
A: Yes. Instructor contact information is stored in™ and is accessed when assigning an instructor to an ILT event.

Software Functions


Class Management

Q: Can Instructor Led Or Classroom Training Be Assigned And Tracked?
A: Yes.™ can assign, deliver, and manage instructor-led training. For simplicity in record keeping, we recommend that all Final Exams be delivered via™.
Q: Can Employees Self-Register For Classroom Training?
A: Yes.™ allows learners to self-register provided your company permits it.
Q: Can Employees Be Assigned To Classroom Training?
A: Yes.
Q: Is There Automatic Wait-Listing For Full Sessions?
A: Yes.
Q: Can ILT Be Assigned To A Specific Location?
A: Yes. Instructor-led training (ILT) has a defined title, but can be assigned to different instructors in different locations and on different dates.
Q: Can Additional Equipment Be Specified?
A: Yes. Additional required equipment can be specified for the Class session.
Q: Can The System Directly Interface To The Calendar On The Wall?
A: Although™ has many strong features, the fact that the calendar on the wall does not operate from a database precludes a direct interface.

Software Functions


Instructor Management

Q: Does The System Maintain A Detailed List Of Instructor Information?
A: Yes. Detailed instructor information is maintained within™.
Q: Does The System Store Instructor Contact Information?
A: Yes. All contact information for each instructor is managed by the system.

Software Functions


Student Management

Q: Can Inactive Employees Be Tracked?
A: Yes.™ contains a flag that is used to mark employees as Active or Inactive. Inactive employees’ records are maintained in the database.
Q: Can Learners Self-Register For Courses?
A: Yes.™ allows learners to self-register provided your company permits it.
Q: Can Learners Be Notified Of Course Assignment Via E-mail?
A: Yes. Each learner has an E-mail address entered in the registration table that will send notices to a MAPI-compliant E-mail system.
Q: Does The Learner Have A ‘To Do List’?
A: Yes. Each learner is automatically directed to a 90-day ‘To Do List’ when he or she logs into™. The list is sorted with the most urgent assignments at the top and the least urgent at the bottom.
Q: Can A Learner Run Reports On His Training Completed Or Deficiencies?
A: Yes. It is our belief that learners be given the tools to self-manage their own training. For that reason, each learner can run several reports for accomplishments or deficiencies. Reports include: My Training History, Training I Need, Jobs I'm Qualified For. Training I Need to Qualify for a Job, My Curriculum and List of Training Available.

Software Functions


Training Records Management

Q: Can Training Plans Be Assigned To Learners?
A: Yes.™ supports a detailed curriculum management tool to assign training to individuals or groups of people.
Q: Can Employees Be ‘Grandfathered’ For A Specific Requirement?
A: Yes.™ permits administrators to credit persons for any test in the system.
Q: Can Records Be Imported Into And Exported From The System?
A: Yes. Since™ uses industry standard databases, it is very easy to import and export records.
Q: Can Ad Hoc Reports Be Created And Stored?
A: SQL queries can be written to query the records database, but at this time, ad hoc reports are not a standard part of™.

Software Functions


Online Class Schedule Management

Q: Can Learners See The Entire Class Offering Online?
A: Students only see those classes for which they are eligible.
Q: Is Enrollment A Standard Part Of The System, Or Is It An Add-On?
A: As a standard part of the™ system students will be able to register online.

Software Functions


Online Testing

Q: Does The System Support Online Testing?
A: Yes. Online testing is a core component of™.
Q: Does The System Support Surveys?
A: Yes™ can deliver survey-type questions.

Software Functions


Online Training Records

Q: Does The System Allow Learners To View Training Records Online?
A: Yes.™ allows each learner to track his or her own results and view training records with a single click.
Q: Can Administrators View Training Records Online?
A: Yes. Administrators can view records for individuals or groups for whom they are responsible.

User Friendliness

Q: Does Each Screen Or Function Include Help?
A: Yes. Complete help is included on each screen. We have reduced the need for user manuals for the learners.
Q: Does The Learner See A Simple List Of Tasks, Or Are There Drill Downs?
A: The learner simply sees a list of tasks and this is customizable.
Q: Is The System Managed Completely From The Web Browser?
A:™ is 100% web-based for learners and administrators.
Q: How Much Time Is Required To Teach Learners How To Use The System?
A: Learners can learn to use all of the relevant functions in™ in about 10 minutes.
Q: How Much Time Is Required To Teach Trainers/Administrators How To Use The System?
A: Trainers or Administrators require about a day to learn how to operate™. We provide training for the one to two-day setup period for the DBA and main administrator. We offer training classes in writing HTML/Java courses and online tests.

Launching External Programs

Q: Can The System Launch External Training Programs?
A: Yes.™ can launch other training programs. In the case of MocKingbird® LAN-based courses, it can launch directly to the Home Screen of the requested LAN-delivered CBT module. In the case of PowerPoint presentations, they are launched directly into the browser window.
Q: Can The System Support Third Party Online Training Materials?
A: Yes.™ can use the URL for any other type of online training. We recommend that all final exams be posted through™ for ease of record management.
Q: Can The System Launch Other External Programs?
A: Yes™ can launch other external programs.

Import/Export of Training Records

Q: Can The System Import Training Records From Other Training Records Systems?
A: This function is not directly supported by™. OSI/Warren-Forthought can write custom data migration scripts for use with other training records systems. Such data migration, like from TERMS or TRIM is usually done one time at the start of the project.
Q: Can The System Export Data To Another Database?
A: Yes. Because™ uses industry-standard databases, it is very easy to import and export records.

Training Needs Assessment

Q: Does The System Perform A Training Needs Assessment?
A: We believe that a training needs assessment is part of a larger study and can not be adequately managed by a computer program.
Q: Can A Learner See The Gap Between Assigned Training And Completed Training?
A: Yes. A learner can run a report to see all outstanding training requirements today, or those outstanding at a future date.
Q: Can A Survey Be Used To Solicit Perceived Training Needs?
A: Yes. MocKingbird® Online can deliver survey-type questions.

Minimum Client Requirements

Q: What Are The Minimum Requirements For The Learners’ PC’s?
A: Minimum requiremets for client PC's are as follows:
  • Windows - Windows 2000 or later with either Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 2 or Netscape Navigator 8.0 installed.
    • Windows Media Player 9 or newer must be installed and be the default player for both .au and .mp3 audio file types.
  • Mac - OS X with Safari 1.3.2 or later installed.
    • QuickTime Player 7.0.4 or newer must be installed and be the default player for both .au and .mp3 audio file types.