With an off-the shelf, site-specific, or specialty web-based training course from WorKingbird.com you receive high quality training at an affordable price.

It's training developed and delivered quickly and inexpensively. And, employees can access the training any time - day or night. Take a moment to sign up for a free trial of a safety course and try for yourself WorKingbird.com's Knowledge Management. We offer courses in a wide range of skills and areas. All of our training courses share several key elements:

Performance-based - learners leave with specific skills and knowledge they can apply in their professional and personal lives.
Instructional Design - training courses are always designed with the organization and it's needs in mind. That way learners come away with the ability to do the job right.
Learning Impression - the training courses we design are best judged by the skills, knowledge and attitude they impart on the participants and their organizations.
Multimedia Experience - learners learn from the courses by viewing, reading, and hearing and doing.
Fun - for learning to be universally effective, fun must be a part of the learning experience.