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OverNite Software
OverNite Software provides complete solutions for the development and delivery of web-based, CD-ROM, or LAN based training.
Mockingbird is a complete set of LAN Based computer software designed to provide solutions for Process Safety Management and Enterprise Performance Support Systems. Included are solutions for Management of Change, Documents Management, Computer Based Training and Training Curriculum and Record Keeping.
eWebOQ® is a partnership between OverNite Software and CenterPoint Energy to develop and market the training courses needed for Pipeline Operator Qualification.

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WorKingbird.com is the future of training delivered now. On-demand training, paying only for what you need and use.

WorKingbird.com is training over the web.
Just the way you need it: site-specific and OSHA-mandated training, record-keeping for the learner, and reporting and training management for the supervisor and manager - on a pay-for-use basis.
WorKingbird.com standardizes training.
WorKingbird.com is the most convenient and most cost-effective way to provide the same web-based training and web-based record management for your contractors and your employees.
WorKingbird.com includes everything needed.
Student registration and tracking, testing and reporting, curriculum and course administration, and an enormous library of environmental, health and safety training courses -- WorKingbird.com has it all!
WorKingbird.com is convenient.
We manage all of your training and record-keeping requirements. We populate the site with your courses, both off-the-shelf and site-specific, issue passwords, manage the records and provide updates on a regular basis about your training activity.
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